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Our online course and professional learning formats are designed to accommodate your busy schedule and allow you to balance work, family, and life commitments while engaging in professional learning for yourself. The flexible assignments are manageable and have immediate application to the work you are doing in your school. 

We are committed to helping you:

  • Infuse new ideas into your practice,
  • Deepen your mathematical content and pedagogical knowledge,
  • Hone your skills as a teacher and teacher leader,
  • Strengthen the work you are doing to advance the learning and teaching of mathematics in your school.

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Data literacy is an essential skill we all need in today’s information and misinformation age. The current Covid-19 crisis is a perfect example of this. Charts and graphs are being used to represent and misrepresent data. For example, can you spot some issues with the comparison below?

Join this class if you want to learn how to develop data literacy with your students through engaging tasks and projects that draw upon current events and real-world connections. 

If you register for the non-credit option, you will receive a certificate of participation documenting 16 hours of class time.

The credit option has an additional cost. Detail can be found by clicking the credit registration link 

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