Record Breaking Box Jump


A box jump is an exercise where people jump on top of a box (or other objects stacked up) to build explosive power in their legs. There are many videos with athletes seemingly defying gravity as they perform box jumps.

Special thanks to my friend Graham Fletcher for helping me work out some of the challenges creating this task.


Act 1


Act 2

Measurement of Riser and Cap

Number of Risers and Cap


Act 3

There are two options for Act 3.


Option A:

The original final footage shows a measurement in inches while the measurements of the risers and cap are in centimeters. Showing the image below will require students to do some further work to confirm their answer. I provided information to help with the conversion if you decide to go that route.







Option B:

This is ideal for younger students who may not be ready to think about metric conversion or if you’re looking to wrap up act 3 without the additional work. This video uses the approximation symbol (≈) To show that 73 inches is about 185 centimeters. This could provide an opportunity to have a conversation about this symbol if students have never seen it before.


Notes and Credits:

This act uses video from Jordan Kilganon. The original footage can be found here:

The music credit from Jordan’s video goes to Anno Domini Beats ( The song is called Just Want.