Virginia Bastable

Dr. Virginia Bastable has been the Director of Mathematics Leadership Programs (formerly SummerMath for Teachers) at Mount Holyoke College since 1983. Prior to that, over the course of a twenty-five-year career as a secondary school mathematics teacher, she earned a Masters in mathematics and an Ed.D. in mathematics education.

With Deborah Schifter of EDC in Waltham, MA and Susan Jo Russell of TERC, of Cambridge, MA, Bastable is one author of the Developing Mathematical Ideas Professional Development Curriculum and of the second edition of Investigations in Number Data and Space.

Recent work includes the publication of Connecting Arithmetic to Algebra, a book and on-line course. Russell, Schifter, and Bastable also collaborate on an educational research project, “Using Routines as a Strategy for Developing Elementary Students’ Conception of Proof” funded by the National Science Foundation.

Virginia particularly enjoys helping educators discover their interest and abilities in mathematics, even if those interests and abilities have been blunted by past negative experiences with the subject.