Summer 2021 Staff Resources:

General Overview for Summer 2021

In lieu of a staff meeting to go over the general logistics for the summer, we opted to record a short 30-minute video to review everything. The videos is marked with chapters that you can access by clicking on the table icon in the video player below. You can jump to any topic by clicking on the chapter title. 


  • Role of Visiting Instructors
    • Co-facilitation
    • Primary role – Facilitation 
    • Secondary role – Technology
    • Monitoring Views
    • Monitor chat
    • Make break-out rooms

  • Assignments and Grading
    • Participation Rubric
    • Attendance
    • Common challenges and documentation
    • Pre-Course Assignments
    • Post-Course Assignment
    • You need a Mount Holyoke email address and access the grading system in my.mtholyoke
  • Contacting Students
  • Responding to Reflections
    • Responses due back to students one week from date of submission
  • Staff Planning Meetings
    • What do you need or not need?
  • Course Management:
    • Google Drive – 
    • Overview
    • Management
    • Exit Cards
    • Course evaluations – course feedback form
  • Materials and Equipment Needs
  • Schedules, Breaks, and Participants
  • Convocation