Online Courses

Online course offerings for fall 2017:



Our interactive online courses are designed to accommodate working professionals. Coursework is immediately applicable in classrooms and assignments involve working with students. The workload is manageable and includes live virtual learning sessions spread throughout the semester as well as asynchronous discussions. See our available course offerings below.

X-MATH-407: Reasoning Algebraically About Operations

Participants examine generalizations at the heart of the study of operations in the elementary grades. They express these generalizations in common language and in algebraic notation, develop arguments based on representations of the operations, study what it means to prove a generalization, and extend their generalizations and arguments when the domain under consideration expands from whole numbers to integers. Registrations are accepted on a rolling basis until program is full.

The final registration deadline is September 5, 2017




This course will help participants:

  • Learn more mathematics content for themselves.
  • Recognize key mathematical ideas in the context of the study of the operations.
  • Appreciate the power and complexity of students’ mathematical thinking.
  • Ask questions of students that will deepen their mathematical understanding.
  • Analyze a particular activity to uncover the mathematics students will learn from it.
  • Define and select appropriate mathematical objectives for content relating to contextual problems with whole numbers and fractions.
  • Adapt curriculum to meet individual student’s needs.
  • Make mathematical connections and enhance their ability to help their students do so.
  • Connect their experiences in the course to research results.


  • Dates and time: Live sessions are scheduled on a biweekly basis starting on Monday, September 11 and ending on December 18.
  • Live online sessions are scheduled from 6:30 – 8:30 pm ET
  • Small class size: Interact with up to 24 colleagues from all over the country.
  • The cost of the course is $1,000.
  • We have $500 scholarships available. Email Mike Flynn at to learn how to qualify for a scholarship.
  • Graduate Credit Option: Participants in Reasoning Algebraically About Operations have the option to receive 2 graduate credits from Mount Holyoke College upon successful completion of the course. The cost is $250 per credit.