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Course offerings for Spring 2015:

Mathematics Coaching: Designing Effective Professional Development.

Our interactive online courses are designed to accommodate working professionals. Coursework is immediately applicable in classrooms and assignments involve working with students. The workload is manageable and includes asynchronous discussions as well as live virtual learning sessions. See our available course offering below.


Mathematics Coaching: Designing Effective Professional Development

Online professional development for instructional leaders and math coaches (K-8) based on your own work with teachers and offering personalized feedback from experienced coaches.


    • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the complexities associated with implementation of the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics and create solutions to help support districts in this endeavor.
    • Use research to guide productive math coaching plans.
    • Stay focused on mathematics while setting goals and developing collaborative relationships.
    • Develop strong communication and leadership skills with teachers and administrators.
    • Provide opportunities for math specialists/coaches to design, develop, critique, and implement mathematics professional development experiences for teachers.


      • Time: Asynchronous sessions go from Sunday January 25 – Saturday May 9.
        Live interactive sessions are: Tuesday February 24 and Tuesday March 10 at 6:00 PM EST. Optional live meetings Tuesday April 14, and Tuesday May 5 at 6:00 PM EST.
      • Assignments: Participants will interact weekly via web board analyzing course readings, video recorded math lessons and coaching sessions, and professional development experiences of their colleagues. They will also design rich and meaningful professional development experiences for the teachers in their schools and districts. Facilitators provide detailed, individualized feedback on assignments including analysis of video recorded coaching sessions.
      • Cohort Group: Interact with 20 to 24 colleagues from all over the country.
      • Graduate Credits: Participants in Mathematics Coaching will receive 3 graduate credits from Mount Holyoke College upon successful completion of the course.

Online application can be accessed from our webpage. The Mathematics Coaching: Designing Effective Professional Development fee of $1,000 per person includes a full academic semester of professional development, access to our web board, opportunities to interact with other coaches from across the country, as well as individual feedback from experienced instructional leaders. Click on the “Apply Now” link below.



Click on the Apply Now link below to access our online application. You will be asked to create an account profile and will be assigned a PIN that you will use to login to the application website. When selecting the program, choose “MLP Online Courses.” If you have any problems applying please contact our director, Michael Flynn at

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Connecting Arithmetic to Algebra

Starting September 2015

CAA_bookcoverConnecting Arithmetic to Algebra (CAA) is an interactive online course focusing on generalizations that arise from the study of number and operations in grades 1 through 8.

  • Participants study the process of articulating general claims, working to understand those claims, and learning how to prove them.
  • CAA spans the entire school year in three separate 6-week sessions so teachers can develop the mathematical thinking of their own students in the context of their own curriculum.
  • Each 6-week session includes two live virtual learning events.
  • Instructors provide individualized feedback based on discussions from teachers’ own classroom and students’ work. This feedback includes suggestions for pedagogical strategies to enhance mathematics discussions.

Application opens in March 2015. Please contact our director Mike Flynn at if you are interested and he will add you to the list.