Distance Learning Support

Distance learning doesn’t have to be hard. Let us help you.

“Mike’s online training was literally the best PD – or any educational learning – I have ever experienced.” Teacher, Ipswich School District           

“So much professional development, though well-intended, just isn’t as supportive, inspirational, or productive as it could be… but the hour spent with you was impressive and filled with takeaway moments. Not only was it professionally produced, but the content you shared was eye-opening.” Middle school math teacher, New Rochelle, NY                

The Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak caused all schools to pivot to distance learning models and this change has not been easy. Mike Flynn is a leading expert in distance learning and supports hundreds of K-12 schools and colleges/universities to create engaging online experiences for students.

Mike’s work has been featured in Educational Leadership and Education Week and his online graduate program at Mount Holyoke College has been hailed as the gold standard for online learning.

Contact Mike at mflynn@mtholyoke.edu to set up a free consultation to see how he might support your needs. 


Staff/Faculty Training on Online Instructional Strategies

These interactive online sessions are designed to help educators learn how to engage learners in online and distance-learning environments. Explore best practices for both synchronous and asynchronous formats and learn how to replicate your favorite lessons for students that are not in your classroom. We will address issues of access and equity and consider models that support the health and wellbeing of students, teachers, and caregivers.

Mike will also provide participants with a resource folder that your faculty/staff can use and expand as they navigate distance learning.

Long-Term Strategic Planning

The pivot to distance learning had to be done in haste to respond to a pressing need. However, districts and higher education institutions thrive when they have a solid long-term strategic plan that supports the needs of their faculty, staff, students, and families.

For the last seven years, Mike has developed sustainable and successful online learning models and has supported schools and organizations in this work. Mike can help you develop a plan based on your unique challenges and support you and your faculty/staff as you roll out your distance learning model.

Dynamic Hybrid Learning

Mike invented the dynamic hybrid learning model that blends on-campus and online students for live interactive learning. His entire graduate program is based on this model and allows teachers from around the world to participate in live interactive learning.

This model will be ideal as we begin considering flexible options for reopening schools. It is likely that physical distancing is still going to be a priority. One way to do this is to have some students attend class in person while others attend online. Teaching in this format completely replicates the in-class experience for everyone but requires specific training to do it well. Mike will work with you and your staff to implement dynamic hybrid learning at your school, district, college, or university.

Read Mike’s article on Dynamic Hybrid Learning published by ASCD: Shifting to Online Learning – In the Classroom.


“Mike’s session was literally the best PD – or any educational learning I have every experienced. Thank You!!!” Laura Repplier, Grade 1 Teacher, Doyon School

“Great job yesterday!  The faculty really appreciated your guidance, good humor, and your common-sense approach to teaching with technology.” Dean of Faculty, Deerfield Academy    

“Just wanted to say thank you for offering your online classes on teaching online — and more importantly the recordings of these. Thanks for looking out for those of us in the classroom — and now in the online classroom, and most of us as rookies!  You’re the best!” Classroom Teacher, Cambridge, MA

“Thank you SO much for doing this work.  Yesterday at school, they unveiled a “virtual learning” plan that was cobbled together in recent days (for my 6th and 8th grade work) and then my face to face Algebra for Elementary teachers course at USM is now online for the rest of the semester. I appreciate your willingness to share your work and insights. This is great service to the larger education community.” Classroom Teacher, Portland, ME

“You are awesome! I just want you to know I’ve been able to help others get started all because of your generosity. I have thanked God for you many times in the past several weeks. You are awesome!!” Senior Lecturer, Mathematics and Science Education at the University of Georgia

“I have to write to say thank you so much for your fantastic Zoom Webinar on Tuesday evening which succeeded in reassuring me that I can absolutely teach my classes remotely. It was refreshingly clear and simple at a point when far too much information and ideas are being thrown around, and it allowed me to do a Zoom practice run with my students on Thursday to prepare them before they left.” Professor, French Department, Mount Holyoke College

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