Professional Learning

online students in a Zoom room


Math for Teachers from Mount Holyoke College offers a wide variety of free and paid professional development opportunities for teachers. Our professional learning provides transformative experiences for teachers in the K-8 setting who want to become better teachers of mathematics.

We work with award winning teachers, notable speakers in math education and our current students to inspire others and create professional learning opportunities for all. 

Originally started as SummerMath for Teachers, our professional learning has grown from a small community of educators in western Massachusetts, to a global reach of teachers, coaches and other educators. All of our professional learning is grounded in collaboration while engaging in deep thinking about mathematics and your professional practice.

We are committed to helping make mathematics accessible to all teachers and their students through hands-on, discourse-based learning, while also helping them become advocates for high-quality instructional practices in mathematics.

We have courses and experiences that allow teachers to build their math understanding and knowledge, and think about how to do that with students. In addition we have a selection of courses that assist teachers to feel confident and capable of going back to their sites as being a leader in mathematics; whether that be as a teacher, coach, curriculum writer or other capacity. 

Our summer courses and professional learning offer hybrid in-person/online experience, while our courses during the school year are completely online.