Monster Burger

By Mike Flynn



Act 1

Teacher Note: Play the clip for your students and then ask them what they notice and wonder. The question you are looking for is, “How much does this burger weigh in pounds?”


Act 2

Teacher Note: Before sharing the information below, ask students what information they would need to be able to calculate how much the burger weighs. Solicit different ideas and then share the image and/or the Google Slides with them. 


Teacher Note: If you are doing this task for remote learning, you can make a copy of my Google Slides so your students can collaborate on this task.

As students work, they will likely discuss the issue that the weight of the meat is before cooking. Some students might suggest that it will lose weight as it is cooked. Some students might pay attention to the fact that 20 percent of the meat is fat and may use that in their calculations. 

The other issue that may come up is that all of the weight is in ounces, but the question is asking them to figure out the weight in pounds. Ask students what they would need to know in order to covert the weight in ounces to pounds. 


Act 3

Teacher Note: When students are done working, bring them back together and have them share their solutions. It is likely there will be a big range. Ask the class why there are so many different answers. 

The idea is to get them discussing how they handled some of the variability in the data. For example, the weight of the meat was given before it was cooked. What happens to the weight of the meat as fat and moisture is cooked off? How did students handle that? 

Precise answers are not important for this task. They are trying to get a close approximation.

When the discussion is over, show the final video that reveals the correct answer. 


Teacher Note: After showing the final video, it is likely there will be some debate about the precision of the answer. This is a great opportunity to have students discuss the variability of real world contexts. Some questions you can ask to enrich the discussion are:

  • Why did we get a range of answers for this task?
  • Do you think every monster burger they make weights exactly 8 pounds? Why or why not?
  • Why would the restaurant tell people the burger weighs 8 pounds when it might weigh a little more or a little less than 8 pounds?

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