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Join our Summer Book Studies!

Our planning group has decided to offer two virtual book studies that will start this July! We have selected very diverse texts, and the sessions will be staggered on different days, in case members choose to participate in both. We will utilize the Zoom platform, which is accessible on a variety of devices – and is easy to use!
The titles are: 
1)  Developing Number KnowledgeAssessment, Teaching & Intervention with 7-11-Year-Olds (Wright, Ellemor-Collins, & Tabor). This is the companion text for AVMR Course 2, so any members who have participated in that course received this in their kits. It is known as the “Red Book” in AVMR circles. Please note that you do not need to have done AVMR in order to benefit form this book! Here is a link to learn more about it. 
2) NCTM’s Principles to Actions. This popular book has been widely read by teachers and leaders around the country. It is very impactful, yet brief enough to be consumed during a summer study. NCTM’s web site provides many companion resources about its “Effective Teaching Practices” – including modules to lead professional learning at your site. For more information, check out this link.
Session dates: 
Principals to Actions (Mondays) – July 1, 15 & 29; August 12
Developing Number Knowledge (Tuesdays) – July 9 & 23, August 6 & 20 (may extend into the Fall, if needed)
Time (both books): 4:30 PM – 5:15 PM
Please use this FORM to register for one or both book studies!

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