Announcing the Math Leadership Consortium

Math Leadership Consortium Logo


The Math Leadership Consortium is a network of some of the most talented educators in western Massachusetts invested in the teaching and learning of mathematics. Members can collaborate, share resources, attend free online PD events, and help design how the consortium evolves to meet our needs. The consortium is open to one teacher from every elementary and middle school in western Massachusetts as well as students enrolled in our Master of Arts in Mathematics Teaching program.

There are no commitments required for members. Participate as much or as little as you want in the forums and free virtual learning events. Each member will also receive a $500 scholarship to use toward registration for one of our 2015 Summer Institutes at Mount Holyoke College in July.

The goal of this consortium is connect educators looking to develop their craft in math education and to share their knowledge and expertise with others. MLC members can use one of two ways to connect with other members in the consortium. The first way is through our MLC Google Group and the second way is through our private MLC Facebook Group.

Additionally, we will host regular virtual learning events using Zoom to provide free professional development for MLC members and guests. Our first event is scheduled for March 4 at 7:00 pm. Details on how to join via Zoom will be sent ahead of the event.

We are looking to grow this consortium. Our goal is to have one member from each elementary and middle school in western Massachusetts. Feel free to share information about the consortium and encourage teachers to join. If you know someone who is interested, have him or her contact me directly. We look forward to working with you all and expanding this consortium together.

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