About the Master of Arts in Mathematics Teaching Program

Who Should Apply?


The Master of Arts in Mathematics Teaching degree (MAMT) offered through Mount Holyoke College’s Mathematics Leadership Programs, a division of the Professional and Graduate Education department, is designed for teachers, teacher-leaders and math coaches of grades K – 8 who have a teaching license (initial or professional) and at least a bachelor degree. The program is ideal for educators looking to strengthen their skills and expertise as math teachers or those who wish to enhance their professional credentials in order to become qualified as math specialists or coaches.

Program Details


This program is built around the latest research and best practices in math education today. The core component of the work is the Developing Mathematical Ideas Curriculum. The two-and-a-half-year program involves three intensive summer sessions (3 weeks each) and two academic years of online work.

Each summer will consist of 3 weeks of courses, 2 focused on mathematics and 1 focused on educational leadership. Students may attend in person on our beautiful campus at Mount Holyoke College or online through our Virtual Leaning Environment during the summer sessions.

Each academic year will include 4 credits of mathematics work and 4 credits of educational leadership, all conducted online. The academic year online courses blend asynchronous assignments with live Virtual Learning Sessions. During the virtual learning sessions, participants have the option to attend in person on campus.


MAMT students on-campus and online during one of our live virtual learning sessions.


Credits and Cost

In total, the MAMT degree is based on 16 credits of synchronous summer sessions (on-campus or online) and 16 credits of online work completed during the academic year for a total of 32 credits. The tuition for the complete program is broken into 7 billing cycles over the two and a half years. Total cost of the program is $24,500.

Mount Holyoke College’s Professional and Graduate Education department offers generous scholarships for their degree programs. Click here to find out more about this opportunity.

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