Tired Of Doing The Math The Old Way? 5 Best Calculator Apps To Make The Job Easy

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    Did you remember that “Pal” who helped you in solving mathematics questions? Gave your answer about difficult and complex mathematical figures? Yes it’s none other than your “Calculator”. Calculators have been involved in one’s life since very first stage when he/she started to learn complex figures.
    It’s that basic thing which has been used by every student in his/her academic life. Students find calculators very helpful for solving different numerical and questions related to mathematical figures. In this change world of electronic apps calculators have changed their existence as well and modified calculators are now available for the assistance of students.
    There are numerous calculator apps available for different operating systems. Some are for windows operating system, some support Android, while some are only designed to work on apple iOS.

    As the computational powers of tables and smart phones have made the calculator to work efficiently, having flavors of advanced tools and graphing features have revolutionized the old pocket calculators to its new peak of advancement.

    In this article, we will discuss about the best calculator apps available in the virtual apps market/store. These apps are used by the most popular academic writing firms to whom you buy a dissertation:

    1. PCalc Lite
    PCalc Lite is an apple iOS supported app of calculator that is meant for apple iOS users, it is available on the apple apps store for free and it is being included in this article due to its best and supportive features. The initial package of the app is quite interesting and extremely flexible and useful its features help to solve tasks related to logarithm, trigonometry, algebraic operation, Boolean algebraic operations, unit conversion, constant proportion, complex percentage calculations and much more. Its special features like redo and undo helps to work more flexibly with much grip on the app. Users of Apple iOS find this PCalc Lite calculator app the most interesting calculator app among all the others.

    2. Soulver
    Another popular iOS calculator that has mimics of the best office tape-style calculators, its features are mostly common to the old simple calculators, aged people who are not much into and aware about the up gradation of the system found this calculator app very useful as it displays all the calculation in straight column which helps to refer the previous calculated figures.
    This app also has features for currency rate conversion, gold conversion rate, unit labels and user can also store their work in the format of spread sheets.

    3. Calculator ++
    Calculator ++ is Android supported app which is much helpful as it does not only offers a simple mode but also have the features of complex or Engineer mode through which students of engineering can work on this calculator to solve their tasks.
    It can deals with all kind of numerical problems with much accuracy. Calculator ++ has both the options of simple calculations and complex calculations with much flexibility, this contrast makes it useful. It has features by which it could be add to the home screen.

    4. ClevCalc
    ClevCalc is an interesting calculator app available at the Android app store, thing that makes it different from other calculator apps is that it has more modification options as compared to any other calculator app. ClevCalc is basically a bunch of calculators all in this particular app. It has an additional option of fuel cost calculator. It also has options of selecting different themes through which different colorful and attractive themes can be applied to the app. Its features made it more attractive and easy to use.

    5. Desmos Graphing Calculator
    With no basic calculator interface this Desmos graphing calculator is the best app of all for those who does not want use an app with other basic features, it’s all features a centric to graphs and their calculations like hyperbola, parabola, length, breath, height, calculation of triangles and other related figures, which means a typical calculator app for engineers and other related fields that has working focused on using graphs and their figures.

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