Effective Practices for Advancing the Teaching and Learning of K-5 Mathematics

January 6 Optional Orientation for Full Access Participants (Full Access Only)

Mike Flynn and Sarah Bent

January 16 – Session 1

Christina Tondevold: Comparison is the Thief of Joy: Stop Trying to Live Up to What You See Online and Just Do You

January 30 – Session 2

Tracy Zager:  Going Beyond Group Work: Teaching Students to be Mathematical Colleagues

February 13 – Session 3

Christopher Danielson: From A-B Patterns to Sequences of Partial Sums: How Do People Learn Patterns?

February 27 – Session 4

Zak Champagne: Who Gets Access? Teaching the Mathematician, Not the Mathematics

March 13 – Session 5

Graham Fletcher: Fishing for Misconceptions and Math Residue

March 27 – Session 6

Kaneka Turner: Planning for an “All In” Culture

April 10 – Session 7

Max Ray-Riek and Annie Fetter: Exploring Structures for Looking at and Analyzing Student Work

April 24 – Session 8

Elham Kazemi: Learning from Children’s Experiences in the Mathematics Classroom

May 8 – Session 9

Marta Garcia: Do You “Speak” Math? Exploring the Challenges That Arise as Students Attempt to Articulate Their Math Ideas

May 22 – Session 10

Kristin Gray: Planning Number Talks Based on Student Thinking