Distance Learning Resources for PreK-16 Educators

Dr. Mike Flynn designed the Dynamic Online and Hybrid Learning models for remote teaching back in 2013 when Zoom was just a small startup company. Over the years, he has perfected this model and has been supporting thousands of educators from around the world as they navigate online learning during the pandemic.

Below are free resources and videos for you to use and share. You can also register for Mike’s workshop if you’d like to take a deeper dive into this work. 

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Articles by Dr. Mike Flynn:


Teachers Share Resources for Teaching Online During Coronavirus School Closures

Starting the School Year Off Right

Chat File from Session 1

Informal Assessment and Observation of Students

Chat File from Session 2

Hybrid Learning Part I

Session 4: Hybrid Learning Part II


Tackling Challenges with Distance Learning Part 4


  1. Overview of Interactive Online Learning
  2. Zoom Basics
  3. Annotation Features
  4. Using Our Google Drive Folder
  5. Example of Interactive Online Learning
  6. Conclusion

To access this video with closed captions, visit: Session 1 Captioned

Thanks to Lara Metcalf for captioning the video for us.

Tackling Challenges with Distance Learning Part 3


  1. Informal Opening
  2. Official Opening
  3. Dropping Pre-Loaded Text in the Chat
  4. Recording Your Session
  5. Polling in Zoom
  6. Tackling Assessment
  7. Nonverbal Feedback Features in Zoom
  8. Closing Comments
  9. Q&A

Tackling Challenges with Distance Learning Part 2


  1. Creating Scannable Content
  2. Creating Checklists for Families
  3. Addressing Issues of Access and Equity
  4. Breakout Group
  5. Supporting Students without Internet
  6. Supporting Students who have Different Devices
  7. Supporting Families with Multiple Kids
  8. Supporting Students who Don’t Have Adults Available
  9. Supporting English Language Learners
  10. Supporting Students who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing
  11. Supporting Students who are Blind
  12. Supporting Students on IEP’s
  13. Supporting Students in Different Time Zones
  14. Supporting Students with Social/Emotional Needs
  15. Setting Up a Jigsaw Discussion in Zoom

Tackling Challenges with Distance Learning Part 1


  1. Legality of Live Streaming and Recording Students
  2. Zoom Bombing and Security
  3. Protecting Yourself & Your Family While Streaming
  4. Addressing Parent Complaints
  5. Q&A