Departmentalization in K-2

For the last two years, I have been working with school districts that are considering alternative structures for their K-5 programs. One idea that keeps surfacing is having teachers specialize in particular subjects. I did this model during my last years as a second grade teacher. I taught math, science, and social studies and my colleague taught reading and writing. I loved the model for a number of reasons:

  1. Teaching fewer subjects helped us get better at teaching those subjects.
  2. Our rooms were redesigned for our respective subjects.
  3. Having fewer lessons to plan gave me time to develop better lessons.
  4. I could focus on fewer subjects for my own professional development.
  5. Sharing students with another teacher gave us a thought partner to help think through their needs.

My experience was very positive but that does not provide enough of a sample to assert that this model works across the board. I’m looking to hear from other teachers using this model to see if others find it helpful or if there are challenges that exist that I didn’t encounter. Please take a few moments to provide any feedback about the departmentalization model to help us sort through this issue. The form is below. Thank you.