MLP Advisory Board

The MLP Advisory Board

The MLP Advisory Board is made up of leaders in math education with a wide range of perspectives. Their purpose is to help us consider issues from many vantage points as we develop our programs and courses for teachers, coaches, and administrators. Members have experience in one or more of the following categories:
  • classroom teacher
  • math coach
  • administrator
  • consultant
  • math teacher educator
  • curriculum developer
  • author
  • mathematician
  • researcher
  • MLP facilitator
  • graduate from our Master of Arts in Mathematics Teaching program

Board Members

Deborah Schifter – Education Development Center (EDC)

Linda Davenport – Boston Public Schools

Marta Garcia – Independent Consultant

Zak Champagne – Florida Center for Research in STEM

Karen Schweitzer – Williamsburg Public Schools

Jim Hanson – Westfield Public Schools

Megan Kelly Peterson – University of Washington

Reva Kasman – Salem State University

Susan Jo Russell – TERC

Kaneka Turner – Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools